Surreal Photoshop Artwork and Animation using Puppet Pin Tool

One of the best animated artworks I have ever done. It works like a spring toy! It was done using Adobe Photoshop and After Effects with some advanced techniques.

Get images for this project HERE

What you will learn:

  • How to use puppet pin tool in Photoshop to bend objects

  • How to delete unwanted objects from the image

  • How to use puppet pin tool in After Effects to animate objects


  1. First we will be using object selection tool to select and separate head and body

  2. Then we will use content aware fill to delete the person and have a clean background

  3. We will need a spring to put it between the head and body after what we will bend it using Puppet Pin tool inside Photoshop

  4. Next we will import a hand, delete its background.

  5. After we are finished with the assets in photoshop next step is to import them into After Effects

  6. In After Effects we need to animate the spiral with head. We will combine them into one object and use Puppet Pin Tool, but this time in After Effects

  7. The Puppet Pin tool will help us to create a skeleton for our object and animate it


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