"Pink Heaven" artwork tutorial - How to make rainbow effect in Photoshop 🌈

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Use Photoshop to create vintage warm looking rainbow art going through our model. This artwork went viral and brought me over 300 new followers over night so I had to create a tutorial for this.

Download image: Artwork Image

Quick and Short Tutorial

Full Detailed Tutorial

Steps we will take in this tutorial

1. Insert Image

2. Use mask to erase the center of her face

3. Add some sky and background behind her face

4. Create inner part of the face using pen tool

5. Change the colors of our image using Camera raw

6. Create rainbow using rectangle filled with rainbow gradient

7. Use perspective and transform tool to change rainbow rectangle

8. Use some motion blur on our rainbow effect to make it smooth

9. Use blur on our rainbow effect

10. Mask the rainbow to make sure it goes through the head

11. Add some final color grading again with camera raw filter.

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