Photoshop Tutorial - How to Create Glitch Animation easy and fast

Hey guys! Today we have a Photoshop Tutorial that will teach you how to create glitch animation in under 10 minutes.

The tutorial is very detailed and easy to follow. The effect itself is very easy and fast but cool.

Get the project image here:

First we will create a copy of our image. We will turn off the red channel on the upper image and that will give us a cool glitch effect.

But keep in mind that it is very important to find proper image. The effect may look better on some images and worse on others.

Next we will use photoshop's timeline panel that will help us animate our image frame by frame and create our desired glitch animation.

To make it even look more glitchy we will and a wind effect and it will look like a distorted glitch effect. We will add that to our glitch animation as well.

The final artwork will be a endlessly looping video with our image glitching in different ways.

I will also guide you through video exporting options to make sure your video was exported properly.

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If you have any question regarding this glitch animation photoshop tutorial will free to comment and I will be happy to help! :)