Photoshop Tutorial : create 3D Text with Glitch

Hey guys! This tutorial will help you get into Photoshop 3D, learn about some of the cool features it offers you and create a text with glitch effect

First part.

We will start by adding extrusion to our text. Later we will modify the extrusion to give it depth and curliness. Next step would be to remove the shadow from our 3D object. As a result we will get a nice 3D text in perspective with cool shape.

Second part.

We will start separating our letters into different parts by creating new layers. This will help us create a distorted text effect.

Third part.

So now it already should look amazing. We just need to add some glitch with Smudge tool. This tool is used to create a melting ice cream effect.

The last step would be to add noise filter to it to make it feel more realistic and epic.

That is it guys! I hope you will enjoy it! :)