How to Create Smoke and Clouds in Photoshop?

Creating Smoke in Photoshop is freaking awesome. But you know what is even better? Creating a stunning artwork and smoke / clouds effect at the same time. This Photoshop tutorial will make you happy (seriously...)😄

Get the image: HERE

Full Tutorial

Steps we will take:

0:00 - Introduction to the Artwork

0:41 - Get Pro

1:14 - Creating the Project

1:27 - Importing the Image

2:04 - Changing the Colors

4:21 - Cutting the face with Curvature Pen Tool

5:25 - Creating Mask in Photoshop

7:37 - Using Brightness/Contrast to create 3D effect

9:18 - Smoke/Clouds Effect In Photoshop

11:21 - Making Realistic Smoke in Photoshop

13:36 - Adding Shadows for more realism

16:16 - Experimenting with Shadows

18:57 - Final Touches with Camera Raw

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