Photoshop modern artwork tutorial - create a space collage

Ever wondered how you can easily mix two images and create something amazing?

This tutorial will guide you through detailed steps that will help you create this Space modern artwork.

1. First we will find the right images on unsplash. I will show you exactly where yo get the images you need.

2. We will start with this amazing black and white image of this woman lying.

3. We will use color selection to select only the white colors

4. Add a pattern that you want to be in your artwork

5. Select your pattern and click create mask. This will show your pattern only on the selected (white colored) areas.

6. Later you will be able to change your pattern and modify the artwork in any way you want to.

PRO TIP: Add Hue/Saturation layer in Photoshop to modify the color of your pattern and change the color of space.

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