Photo Manipulation Tutorial in Photoshop "Cactus Human" - unique artwork

Hi guys! Recently I took an ordinary image of a person in Photoshop and totally transformed it into a cactus. The process gave me so much fun that I decided to show you this as a tutorial and a fun story to watch. I hope you will like this style.

What we will do:

1. Find the right images on Unsplash

2. Combine images and experiment with blending modes in photoshop

3. Use healing brush tool to remove and cover some parts of the image

4. Change the colors of the whole object

5. Now combine and blend the images

6. Find a cactus image and use color range selection to leave only the needed colors

7. Add stems to the whole project and boom!

8. Just need to add Hue/Saturation now and do some colorgrading

This is it, whole photoshop tutorial and process

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