Neon Effect in Photoshop - this tutorial will help you create double colors

Hey guys! Today you will learn how to create neon effect in photoshop using lighting effects filter. This is a very easy and quick tutorial.

This are the steps we will take:

1. First select your image, go to filters - render - lighting effect.

2. Make sure to select point as a light effect and then choose the neon color you want.

3. Move the point to wherever you want the light to come from.

4. Press okay.

5. Create a duplicate of the image with lighting.

6. Double click on the lighting effect and the color.

7. Now you will have two images with different neon colors

8. Create a mask on the top layer.

9. Use gradient tool and select black and white gradient.

10. Apply the gradient to the mask and "boom chaka laka" :D

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Enjoy friends!

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