How to create glitch artworks in Photoshop?

Whats up guys? I have been creating this kind of glitch portraits for a year now and decided to share some techniques and a class on how to do them in Photoshop

So if you always wanted to transform your images into something interesting this is a perfect example for you.

Lets get started ;)

Technique 1 - Square glitches

This is how you create squares like on the image. (watch the video for detailed instructions)

  1. Create a duplicate of the image

  2. Use rectangular marquee tool to select the areas of the image you want in the squares

  3. Create the mask

  4. Open layer styles and use color overlay to give the add color to squares

Technique 2 - Wind effect

For the windy effect like on the image do this.

  1. Select the main image

  2. Go to filters > stylize > wind

  3. Choose on of the options and press okay

  4. Now you will see the wind effect

  5. Use mask of the effect to control where you display the wind

Technique 3 - Stretching effect

In this video I show you how to use liquify tool which is mainly used to correct face, but can also be used to create cool glitch effect.

For the "Broken nose and hands" effect do this.

  1. Select the main image

  2. Go to filter > liquify

  3. Use first tool in liquify to move the parts of the image

  4. Press okay when done

Artworks created using these techniques

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