Fantasy Color in Photoshop and Light Leak Effect

Ever wondered how to create fantasy color in Photoshop? If yes then this tutorial will help you. Today we will learn how to use Camera Raw Filter in Photoshop and create beautiful fantasy color edit for your photos. You will also get my fairy tale color preset that you can use on your own images for a quick fantasy effect in Photoshop.

Get the images and color preset HERE


0:00 Our Fantasy Color Edit


1:07 Starting the Project

1:18 Using Camera Raw Filter

1:31 Fantasy Color Preset

5:50 Using Color Balance

7:30 Adding Light Leak for Fantasy Effect

10:36 Finishing our Fantasy Color Effect in Photoshop

10:48 Photoshop Light Leak Pattern For Fantasy Effect

11:45 Color Editing Playlist in Photoshop

Magical color editing and light leak effects are two very popular edits among artists and Photoshop users. Hopefully this tutorial will help you to create something amazing.

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