Create stunning image mixes in less than 5 minutes in Photoshop

Updated: Dec 21, 2018

Whats up guys.

Today you will learn a very easy but powerful technique that can help you create some stunning artworks (like below) in just few seconds. 

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Anyway, lets get started. Watch this tutorial or follow instructions below if you are not a fan of video.

1. First, we have these two images

Original Image

2. Make sure they are located on each other.

Photoshop Layers

3. Now we need to open Layer Styles panel. To do that press right mouse on the upper layer and click blending modes. This is what you will see.

photoshop layer styles

4. if you look at advanced blending you will see channels there. RGB channels are standing for Red, Green and Blue. This is what we need. Just uncheck the R channel. When you do that the layer above will lose its red channel and be half transparent.

photoshop rgb mix blending mode

As a result you will see this artwork. 

photoshop duotone with rgb mix

That is it guys! I really hoped you enjoyed the tutorial.

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