Create Colorful Glitch Mask

Updated: Apr 14

This lesson will help you create a modern artwork in Photoshop. We will create a colorful glitch mask.

This type of artworks have been trending recently on Pinterest and Instagram so I decided to create a tutorial on it.

First we are going to create a rectangle with colorful gradient. Later we will create 4 copies of it to make sure we cover all the sides and create a mask like VR headset.

We will also create a custom shadow using brush tool and adjusting it to our preferences

Next step is to stretch them using Smudge tool. This is the most important part that will define how good your work looks.

The last step would be to add oil paint filter and see the magic happen.

In this tutorial you will learn how to:

- Use vector objects in Photoshop

- Create gradients, change gradients

- Use Photoshop's transform tool to change the size and perspective of objects

- How to use smudge tool, adjust it

- How to create custom shadow in Photoshop using brush

- Using oil paint filter

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