Create animated glitch effect in Photoshop

Have you ever thought of creating something different? Something that will stand out and wow everybody

If yes then this tutorial is for you. In this lesson we will learn how to apply glitchy video to your images and bring them alive using Adobe Photoshop. The process is pretty simple so even if you are just starting with Photoshop this is will be easy for you.

I would advise you to watch the video for a better explanations. But if you prefer reading instead of watching then you still can do that and refer to the video when you need it.

1. We need to find a glitch video online. I would suggest you to look on Youtube. Just go there and search "glitch". See what you find. After you found the perfect video for your project download it. You can use one of the many online Youtube downloaders.

2. Import your image and the glitch video into Photoshop.

3. Place the video above image and create a mask for video

4. Use mask to define the are where you want the video to be seen.

5. Go to Window > Timeline. A new panel will open. This is a panel we will use to edit our video.

6. Click create timeline. After that you will see all of the layers appear in the timeline.

7. Now if you take the blue picker and move it to the right you will see the video play.

8. After you achieved that we need to change the blending mode for video. Select your video in layers panel and open blending modes (by default you will see normal there).

9. Now try to change different blending modes and see which one looks best for your video. I would advise you to choose "screen".

10. Now it is time to export your project as a video. Just go to file > export > render video and press render. (Refer to video for better explanations)

That is it guys!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial

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