Colorize Black and White Image in Photoshop

Ever thought if you can create beautiful artworks from black and white images? The answer is yes! In this photoshop tutorial we will colorize our black and white image and create a beautiful photoshop manipulation.

Get the image HERE

Quick Art Process

📺LIVE Stream of me creating this artwork


0:00 Introduction to the Project

0:45 Level Up Your Skills

1:23 Let's Start

2:13 Colorizing Black and White Image

4:42 Using Frequency Separation to Separate Texture

7:12 Placing Flowers Under The Skin

8:00 Color Grading

9:27 Neon Background Effect

10:50 Final Words

This colorful artwork was created using Adobe Photoshop 2021.

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Aesthetical Edit:

Angelic Fantasy Edit:

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