Colorful Poster in Photoshop - Baugasm Tutorial 🤩

Baugasm is a cool style that took over the internet very quickly. Its liquid shapes and gradient colors fascinate everyone. In this tutorial you will learn how to create baugasm style colorful poster using Photoshop only.

Get files for this tutorial HERE


0:00 Introduction to the Project

0:17 What is Baugasm

0:48 Level Up Your Skills

1:35 Starting the Project

3:26 What is Flow in Photoshop

4:26 Drawing the Gradients

9:20 Using Warp Tool To Deform Our Gradient

11:50 Adding Noise Effect

12:20 Adding Our Pattern

14:20 Get the Right Font

17:00 Creating Soft Gradient Effect

18:20 Finalizing the Video

This Baugasm Poster Tutorial was created using Adobe Photoshop 2021

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