So how do you create 3D Animation in Photoshop?...😱

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

3D is a powerful tool in Photoshop. Unfortunately many photoshop users don't use it at all. This is a big mistake, by learning 3D you can create advanced graphics you never knew were even possible. In addition to that you can also animate your 3D objects which is also kinda crazy...🤩 I mean Adobe Photoshop is an image editing app after all.

Get the image for 3D eye: HERE

The tutorial

All the cool stuff that you will learn in this tutorial:

  • how to use 3D in Photoshop

  • how to create 3D eyeballs in Photoshop

  • how to animate 3D in Adobe Photoshop

  • how to transform any image into 3D figure

  • create 3D sphere in Photoshop

  • animate 3D camera in Photoshop

Do you want to learn how to create:

  • beautiful image edits🤩

  • stunning artworks🖌️

  • amazing animations🎞️

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